Microsoft Endpoint Manager Support for Android 11
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Android 11 was released by Google on September 8th. Both our App Protection Policy (APP) team and our Mobile Device Management (MDM) team have been testing on Android 11, and wanted to let you know what we have found. All main Intune APP and MDM scenarios are compatible with this latest version of Android, but there are some changes and best practices to be aware of, which we share in the post below.


Here are a few things you’ll want to know:

  • Update apps: Encourage your end users to update to the latest version of the Company Portal, Edge, and other APP-supported apps. The latest version will provide the best experience with devices running Android 11.
  • APP and Shared Datasets: Note that requiring encryption by policy will have the following effect on the Shared Datasets introduced with Android 11. If encryption policy Is not required, then Shared Dataset storage will be allowed. If encryption is required by policy, then:
    • For a single-identity app, the blob storage (Shared Dataset) commit will be allowed if the data is private to the app. Otherwise, it will be blocked.
    • For a multi-identity app, the blob storage commit will be blocked.
  • Privacy messaging: Android 11 introduces some user experience changes to increase transparency for users. User may see new messaging, such as additional notifications about app permissions granted by their organization.
  • Device administrator management: Google has been communicating their plans to decrease their support for device administrator managed devices for several years. The release of Android 11 will cause changes and reductions in management capabilities on device administrator managed devices.
    • Camera: For device administrator managed devices running Android 11 (excluding Samsung), you will no longer be able to set the device restriction to block camera use. Policies blocking camera that are applied to devices before they update to Android 11 will continue to apply.
    • Trusted root certificates: With Android 11, trusted root certificates can no longer be deployed to devices enrolled with device administrator (except on Samsung devices). Users must manually install the trusted root certificate on the device. With the trusted root certificate manually installed on a device, you can then use SCEP to provision certificates to the device. In this scenario you must still create and deploy a trusted certificate policy to the device and link that policy to the SCEP certificate profile.
      • If the trusted root certificate is on the device, then the SCEP certificate profile will install successfully.
      • If the trusted certificate cannot be found, the SCEP certificate profile will fail.
  • Reminder about October device administrator changes on Android 10 and 11: Following the release of Android 11, Google is requiring all apps to update their API targeting to at least 29. The Company Portal will be making this change in October. This will cause different and decreased manageability on device administrator devices running Android 10 and later. Impacted settings include setting password requirements, blocking camera, blocking Smart Lock and other trust agents, and a change in the Wi-Fi end user experience. Creating custom Wi-Fi profiles to include a pre-shared key (PSK) will no longer be supported. Existing devices that have the profile installed before the move to API 29, but new profiles will be unable to deploy to devices. You can read full details of the changes in the blog about decreasing support for device administrator management.


As with previous major Android OS updates, check mobile app compatibility with your app providers to confirm your users' apps work with Android 11. You’ll see a “What’s New for the app” in the Play Store or in-app details on an application’s website. Some apps provide Day 0 support, while others update over time. Ensure your users' managed apps that are deployed through Intune have been updated to a version that supports Android 11.


How Can You Reach Us?

Keep us posted on your Android 11 experience through comments on this blog post, through Twitter (@IntuneSuppTeam), and request any new features on UserVoice. We will update this post with any additional information we learn when Android 11 releases.


Blog post updates

9/9/20: With an update that Android 11 has been released by Google!

9/21/20: With an update to the: "Reminder about October device administrator changes on Android 10 and 11" section.

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