Coming soon: New Intune support experience for Premier customers
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1/17/19: Updated with a new timeline and current details.


12/4/18: We are trying to make this process better for you so support request creation in MPO will not be disabled on December 3 but on a later date instead. We'll let you know through the Message Center and update this post soon to share timelines for this change.

Microsoft Premier customers use the Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) portal at for Premier support services, including creating support requests for Intune. Towards the end of January, if you are a Premier customer using Intune, you will be able to create support requests only in Intune on Azure (

The new experience
Submitting a support request via the Azure portal ensures collection of pertinent information. This information is routed to Intune-dedicated Microsoft Support, to diagnose and resolve your issue in a timely manner. To continue enhancing support experience for Premier customers, support request creation will not be available in the MPO portal after December 3 the end of January. Customers will be redirected to create a request in Intune on Azure.

To provide faster resolution for support requests, Intune has been redirecting customers from MPO to the Azure portal since May 2018. This is being done with a dismissible prompt in the Create support request page of the MPO portal by displaying a message shown in the screenshot below. Users can dismiss the message by clicking outside the message box or hitting the Escape key and continue creating the support request through MPO. After December 3 the end of January, they will no longer be able to dismiss the prompt, and will be redirected to the Help and Support blade in the Azure portal.

MPO hard redirect.png

Creating and managing support requests in the Azure portal
You can find information about the new support experience in Azure at How to get support for Microsoft IntuneNote that creating support requests in the Azure portal does not change the way Premier support cases are handled.

Action needed from you
Currently, any users associated with your AccessID can create Intune support requests in MPO. If you have users without Global administrator or Intune Service Administrator roles currently creating support requests in MPO, assign them the Service Support Administrator role in Azure Active Directory, so they can continue to create support tickets in the Azure portal. The Service Support Administrator role provides read-only access to Azure portal while allowing creation and management of support requests in the portal. More information on this role can be found here: Assigning admin roles in Azure Active Directory .

Premier customers will also see a message in the Office Message Center regarding this change. 

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