Applying the MS17-010 Security Updates Using Microsoft Intune
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First published on TechNet on May 15, 2017
The following post briefly describes how to deploy Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010 as well as other updates through Intune. For more information on MS17-010 and WannaCrypt please see the blog links in the post below. The update approval steps below are detailed for the full client PC managed by Intune.

Approving updates to your managed PCs

    1. Login to the Microsoft Intune classic console at


    1. Navigate to Updates


    1. Highlight all updates


    1. Search for the updates by platform here:


    1. Select all updates by highlighting each one you want to update (for example, Windows 10 3210720)


    1. Right-Click Updates and Select Approve


    1. Select All Computers and Click Add


    1. Change Approval to “Required Install” and Change Deadline to “ As Soon as Possible”


    1. Click Finish

More General Information/Guidance on Updates and Intune




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