Announcing General Availability for the Microsoft Intune App SDK Xamarin Bindings
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First published on TechNet on Apr 06, 2018
By Aasawari Navathe | Intune PM

The Microsoft Intune App SDK Xamarin Bindings (previously known as the Microsoft Intune App SDK Xamarin Component) enables data protection features and mobile app management through Microsoft Intune for Xamarin-based apps on iOS and Android. We're moving from preview functionality to general availability! You can now deploy apps integrated with this release widely within your organization and to the public app stores. Many customers have shared they’ve been building cross-platform apps using Xamarin for their line-of-business needs, and some are also building public store apps. As such, we put a team of talented engineers to work thinking about how we can support our customers using Xamarin.

The bindings were designed specifically for use when building cross-platform mobile apps on the Xamarin platform, making it easy for developers to add in application protection policy (APP) controls as part of their standard app development process. If you are a developer building a cross-platform app, you can quickly add them to your project, with very little modification to your mobile app. Both are essentially embedding our native Intune App SDK functionality (so you get the same features) but you still maintain the value generated from the shared codebase of the Xamarin platform.

A handful of internal and external partners have already begun using this release successfully.

What exactly are we releasing?

    1. Microsoft.Intune.MAM.Remapper.Tasks : A MSBuild task to remap base class types and method names in dependencies for Android apps using Xamarin Forms.


    1. Microsoft.Intune.MAM.Xamarin.Android : A package for Xamarin.Android platform.


    1. Microsoft.Intune.MAM.Xamarin.iOS : A package for Xamarin.iOS platform.

The current release of Microsoft Intune App SDK Xamarin Bindings supports:

    • Visual Studio 2015 and Visual Studio 2017 up to release v. 15.6


    • Built with Visual Studio Tools for Xamarin v.





    • Built with the Intune App SDK for Android v. 4.4.2, thus supporting Android apps built up to API 27


    • Built with the Intune App SDK for iOS v 7.1.22, thus supporting iOS apps built targeted for iOS 9.3.5 and above

We plan on releasing some sample apps through our GitHub repository shortly to help developers understand how to use what we've made.

To get started, you can download the bits on GitHub at . We also released this through NuGet here: . If you are not already using Intune, or want to test through a completely separate account, you can always get a Microsoft Intune trial to test your mobile app.

Additional resources :

    • Sign up for a free trial of Microsoft Intune go here .




    • What policies can you target to your APP-enabled app? Start exploring our documentation on creating APP .



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