You can now keep a close eye on your IoT Edge devices health directly from IoT Central
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Having visibility into production edge devices and corresponding deployments is critical for device operators. We previously shared  IoT Edge's integration with Azure Monitor which is in public preview. Today we are pleased to unlock the same benefits for IoT Central customers using IoT Edge.




To enable this capability on your device, add the metrics-collector module to your deployment and configure it to collect and transport metrics to your Azure IoT Central Application or Azure Monitor .


#1 - Enable edge device observability for device operator to have a single pane of glass


Device operators and developers can choose to configure deployments to send edge device observability metrics to IoT Central application. For operator to have a single pane of glass you can transport metrics collected from edge modules to Azure IoT Central for operator to visualize the metrics data within IoT Central application.


IoT Central provides a standard metrics interface to map the data flowing into IoT Central. Cloud developers can build dashboards based off the capabilities listed in the metrics interface to provide a single pane of glass for operators to manage the edge device and view metrics all from IoT Central application.


To view the metrics from your IoT Edge device in your IoT Central application:

  1. Add the IoT Edge Metrics standard interface as an inherited interface to your device templateadd-metrics-interface.png
  2. Use the telemetry values defined in the interface to build any dashboards you need to monitor your IoT Edge devicesiot-edge-metrics-telemetry.png
  3. Create Dashboards in IoT Central to visualize the metrics



#2 - Optionally use Azure Monitor for unified monitoring 


Your company operations team can choose to configure the edge devices to collect and transport metrics to Azure Monitor to workbooks to unify cloud and edge data for rich visualization of the metrics data.  Note: IoT Central currently does not support alerts in the Azure monitor workbooks for metrics solution. 


You can enable Azure Monitor workbooks from the Azure portal. Find your IoT Central application in Azure portal and navigate to Workbook section from the left navigation. We have enabled public workbooks. 



Azure Monitor workbooks curated visualizations enable you to quickly and easily analyze the efficiency of your solution




Additional Resources


Following are learning resources.

  1. Docs: Collect and transport metrics (Preview)
  2. Create your IoT Central App
  3. IoT Central GitHub Page


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