Working with the Microsoft Health Bot
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HealthBotMain.png  The Microsoft Health Bot is a cloud platform service "that empowers developers in Healthcare organizations to build and deploy their compliant, AI-powered virtual health assistants and health bots, that help them improve processes and reduce costs. It allows you to offer your users intelligent and personalized access to health-related information and interactions through a natural conversation experience." - What is the Microsoft Health Bot Service?

Today I received a query from a customer looking to extend their Health Bot and they wanted to know if it was possible and if so how to go about doing it. Thankfully, the Health Bot is extensively documented with all the information needed for implementation, compliance, configuration and extending the QnA Maker. Rather than just send over the information as a one-off email I have pulled it all together and am posting here for others who may want to look at the Health Bot or who would also like to further configure/customize it.

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