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g2.jpg  On Tuesday, my colleagues and I delivered a Live webcast QA session focusing on Microsoft 365 Live Events. Shortly after the session I received a number of inquiries about leveraging Microsoft Teams Live Events to deliver a Virtual Graduation. With present restrictions in place that preclude gatherings many students at Medical Schools, Universities, etc. are facing a year of graduating but without a ceremony that recognizes, and honors, them for their family and friends to see. This rite of passage is an important milestone for so many and it would be tragic to have that completely stripped away from graduates.

In this HLS Show Me How I show how it is possible using Microsoft Teams Live Events and PowerPoint to create a rich virtual appearance that honors the graduate as well as have an opportunity to for family and friends to attend and provide support and recognition of the graduates accomplishments.

*On a side note the slide deck I created had a Summary Zoom Slide. That shows between each section I covered. Last time I will create one a slide deck for video production LOL! ;)


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Another great video Mike, thanks for schooling us :) In a future video could you look at how to stream a Microsoft Live Event on a website ? My organization uses uStream for this, but I suspect we could use Team/Yammer/Stream instead. Thanks 


@Hamilcar King Thanks for the kind words. Sure absolutely. As an FYI if you use external encoder in Yammer you can share and embed that stream same as if you set it up native in Stream. 

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Thanks for a great tutorial. Question: thoughts on doing a virtual graduation through a Teams meeting? That way we could live video enable more graduates and families? (We have small graduating residency class of 8, but a department of about 40).


Hi @alisakanfiMD Teams Meeting is a great solution for a small group. It would definitely provide a much more intimate setting. Just make sure you do a dry run with a small sampling of your staff to make sure you are comfortable with the settings from an organizer standpoint like mute all, etc. to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. With 8 graduating I think you would definitely be better served with a Teams meeting. Just make sure to record the meeting so the graduates can have a copy of it :)

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Thank you for your response! I'll give it a test run to see how it goes...:smile:


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