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HLS Show Me How.png Update: Looks like the "Microsoft Stream transcript VTT file cleaner" page has been pulled.

  Today I had a meeting with a customer who wanted to be able to hand over files that contain text of conversations recorded in a Microsoft Teams Meeting. Thankfully, Microsoft Stream provides such a capability. Even if there was no auto-generation of a file that can be done after the fact and then the file can be exported.

In this HLS Show Me How I demonstrate how to turn on Autogenerate a caption file in Stream and then how to export the resulting VTT file.


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Michael GannottiMichael Gannotti

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VTT file cleaner is not working now....




Please help. I am using the utility a lot.




Hi @FAlpizar 

Unfortunately I have no control or input as to the documentation or tools posted by the product groups. It appears that they have pulled it and I have updated my post to reflect this. 

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Thanks... found an alternative that you maybe can use:


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