Tips for Delivering at Scale Live Events to Remote Workers – Business Continuity Communications

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HLS Show Me How.pngDuring times of potential business disruption organizations look to deliver large scale messaging to employees as a part of business continuity communications. Organizations with Office 365 have a great capability on hand for the best delivery of such communications, Microsoft 365 Live Events. Live Events delivers highly scalable real-time video delivery of communications with the capacity to facilitate live Q&A and more.

In this HLS Show Me How video I walk through the three flavors of Microsoft 365 Live Events, cover key tips on delivery, and also cover some IT management considerations around eCDN and VPN connections.

* For a comprehensive overview of Microsoft services and tools for Crisis Management, Business Continuity, and Patient Outreach seeSituational Response Management, Communications, and Virtual Patient Outreach – Webcast Recording


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Michael GannottiMichael Gannotti

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I have a couple questions Mike - 


  1. Does using an ECDN consolidate the number of event attendees?  For example, if I have 4,000 viewers behind my on-net ECDN, and the ECDN is only consuming one stream, does that mean I have 9,999 available slots in the event for external viewers?
  2. I was doing some network monitoring during a recent Skype Meeting Broadcast and noticed the source IP of the CDN (152.199.something) being used for the stream was not in the Office 365 URL optimize list.  Does that information exist somewhere so I can pass it on to our network team for split tunneling?

Thank you




Each eCDN provider handles things differently so you would need to check with them. We make no such assurances on increasing the total end points via using an eCDN. 

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I thought that might be the case, but wanted to ask.  Thanks for the quick response!


@David Phillips No problem. :)

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Do you have any thoughts on that second question?


Are you asking for info around the IP address, or our lists of addresses? 

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Hi @Mike Gannotti 


I understand there's a limit of up to ten presenters or producers (including you) that can share video or content at once.


Can you explain what happens if an 11th presenter is introduced?


Is their camera deactivated? or when they activate do they kick someone else off?


Please help me understand this part of Teams Live Events or direct me to documentation that explains it.


Thank you!

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@Mike Gannotti the information in the "How to Quickly Optimize Office 365 Traffic" article does not appear to contain any reference to the stream source address (152.199.something) that I see in our Skype Meeting Broadcast events.  I would like to split tunnel that traffic as well.  Perhaps that information only applies to Teams Live Events?  

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