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Social Sessions with Mike GannottiSocial Sessions with Mike Gannotti  Alfred Ojukwu knows devices! Over the last several years Alfred has been helping Healthcare and Life Sciences customers get the appropriate Microsoft Surface Device into the hands of clinicians, researchers and more. With years of experience in Surface Devices I was pretty excited to sit down with Alfred and discuss how Microsoft Surface devices light up, and enhances, the work from home scenarios for employees as well as within clinical, research, and education, settings.

In this Social Sessions Alfred Ojukwu discusses his use of Surface Devices for Work from Home as well as the work he is doing with customers around leveraging Microsoft Surface devices for various roles. Next week will be a second video with Alfred discussing Personal Board of Directors.


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Transcript from Record Microsoft Surface Devices Social Session

Michael Gannotti9:12 AM

Here we go.

No agenda, no takes and no rooms. Social sessions with Mike Gannotti.

And we are back, and this is actually take to a of social sessions because yesterday when we went to do our first when we went to actually record this. What did Mikey forget, Alfred?

Alfred Ojukwu9:13 AM

You forgot to hit the beautiful red button that says record.

Michael Gannotti9:13 AM

Record, so we're back, so I'm very happy today to be joined by a colleague Anne just great guy Alfred a juku and Alfred. Before we get started, before you introduce yourself, just want to call out Alfred is a trooper this morning. He's having all kinds of Internet connectivity issues via your cable service. So what are we doing today as far as mobility?

Alfred Ojukwu9:13 AM

Through practice run though.

Yeah, so I'm. I'm also joined on in my cell phone I I took the Wi-Fi connection often so you're hearing me through my surface earbuds on cell phone so that the cell phone connectivity always stays on, but the video is always going to come through the PC if the home Internet connection goes out. I might freeze for a second, but you'll still hear me.

Michael Gannotti9:13 AM

So we are doing is kind of like that ultimate mobility, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Alfred Ojukwu9:14 AM

Is it?

Michael Gannotti9:14 AM

And this time with a surface device, the earbuds.

Alfred Ojukwu9:14 AM

Yeah, pretty cool.

Michael Gannotti9:14 AM

Which is which leads me into so Alfred. Tell us who you are and what you do.

Alfred Ojukwu9:14 AM

And then I gotta you know say the same thing again I think I said it already before but Alfred ojukwu I am.

A surface specialist is, they call it. I've been at Microsoft for about 10 years. I've done everything from Windows 10, device management, SCCM, intune mobile device management, and I think the last four years I've been in health care. You know primarily focused on working with health care customers and scenarios around adopting small, large and small and large devices. So I'm excited to be here in a moment, sighted to just be part of all of the things that are happening in healthcare at Microsoft, all at the same time.

Michael Gannotti9:14 AM


Yeah, it's kind of an exciting. I mean, it's it's been a a.

A time over people and a lot of change for a lot of Orgs but also just as far as taking a lot of what I know you've been talking about with devices lighting up these kind of remote work experience is kind of brought it fast forwarded. You know many of our customers work with to that point where things that we were looking at down the road several years of kind of all been pushed up front and center with the whole covid episodes.

Alfred Ojukwu9:15 AM

Yeah, and and much more than that, right? So I think the beauty of it is that we Microsoft are learning to sort of be adjusted the workplace, how things work differently. And you know, I stay even more connected. Understand where our our similarities and differences are, regardless of where you're located in your situation. So it's been a fun road and it's still going, so hopefully we'll get a chance to share more and more with the audience in with the listeners.

Michael Gannotti9:15 AM



You know I have to ask because we are all in this remote work work from home because of everything's been going on with the pandemic.

How are you doing?

Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

Dude, I'm I'm rocking and rolling. You know, I spent a lot of time I need before I used to do a lot of travel to customer visit the customer site and I used to wonder. I'm like OK. We need to be onsite because the customer has to see you in the decisions. Have to be made. So after about four months of not doing that you know I really thought well this is going to be interesting. We don't know how it's going to turn out, but I think we've all learned to adjust both the customer and the teams right so?

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM


Alfred Ojukwu9:16 AM

One thing I've seen is, you know I still have to do all my housework. I still have how stores, but at the same time I tend to find myself spending more time communicating via email jump, joining phone calls just like this one and really just focusing on getting more done without having to travel. So this is the whole idea of remote work is actually true in real. It's not less productive, it's just a different way of thinking. So I'm I can't complain. I'm doing pretty good.

Michael Gannotti9:16 AM


Yeah, that's a you know this whole idea that it's it's not less productive. In fact, we've seen a lot of our customers and use. I know you've seen this as well where?

You know, as they've gone to this model that they were really unsure about and have been very hesitant about by working from home, I think some of my big Pharma and they had, you know, all these very expensive facilities and things set up to house people to work and collaborate. Their finding it. In fact, as they've embraced you, know, this whole digital workplace and work remote and have the right devices to light things up, etc. It's.

Just the opposite. You know people are logging in early. They're like me. They're eating their lunch at their computer, right? And they are finding that they're actually, you know, as productive, if not more as they move forward. An at less cost.

Alfred Ojukwu9:17 AM

He he.

Yeah no, I listen. I have no problem with that. I enjoy what I do and always willing to, you know, stay connected with customers with different scenarios. So it's been. It's been a great adjustment. I think the rest of the world I suggest you on because that's where we're headed so.

Michael Gannotti9:18 AM

Yeah yeah. So as we talk as we get into talking about the devices and surface and stuff, tell us a little bit like youve gotta have as as handling devices right for us handling surface.

I have all the toys there at your disposal.

Alfred Ojukwu9:18 AM


An Ciao.

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