Produce a Transcript from an MP3 file with Microsoft Stream - HLS Show Me How

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HLS Show Me How.png  Yesterday I posted on “Turning on Autogenerate a caption file and exporting from Microsoft Stream – HLS Show Me How.” This was in direct response to a customer question, but it also spawned some unexpected interest in another direction, mp3 files. On Twitter I received the following question: “That’s fantastic. Would this be an option for mp3 audio files? Looking at a way of transcribing audi....” The short response was that Stream did not support mp3 files but….. there was a hack of sorts that delivered the desired outcome.

* Please note that the scenario shown is an example and not an officially supported one.

In this HLS Show Me How video I demonstrate how to take an mp3 file, quickly change it’s extension, upload it to Microsoft Stream, then grab the VTT transcription file and quickly clean out all extraneous data.


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