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microphone.jpg  In the last several weeks I have been asked by several customers how they can deliver audio podcasting. In their organizations there are a number of individuals, including executives, who wish to record and disseminate audio recordings with their thoughts on the business, technology, and more. Certainly, with Microsoft Stream they have a GREAT vehicle for the dissemination of audio through the video medium (simply put in a single slide/picture as a placeholder). In these cases however the customer wanted to specifically disseminate .mp3 files. The good news is it is easily accomplished with Microsoft SharePoint Online that allows for it’s consumption via a number of clients ranging from the browser, podcast software, Outlook, and even Microsoft Teams (my favorite!).

In the HLS Show Me How video I walk the viewer through the steps of setting up a SharePoint Podcast Library, configuring the information displayed, enabling the Library RSS, and then how to consume through different methods like….. Microsoft Teams!


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Michael GannottiMichael Gannotti

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Would be great if Stream could support MP3 files...


Hi @Adam Pope Yes I would also love to see a native podcasting solution supported. For now though this is what I was able to come up with

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This is a cool use of Sharepoint to make a podcast work.  My small startup is has a web-based podcasting solution that is just about to start beta testing - if you're interested.  It was developed using Microsoft Visual Studio for hosting in IIS, with an MSSQL database - and could be portable to Azure.  Shoot me an email at if you're interested, and I'll send you a link to check out our V1 interface.  


Cool! @nixkuroi will shoot you an email

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Thanks - really helpful. Would it be possible to use some kind of categorisation so (for example) I could create different tabs in Teams that filter different categories, or let people search for a particular category?


I'm thinking that people might want to pick up on different topic areas - e.g. it might make sense to break down big long communications into different topic areas so people can focus on the areas they want to catch up on.


Hi @simonhuggins 

This is a pretty old post and will have more on updated methods hopefully shortly


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Great video :thumbs_up:Do you know of any mobile app that supports the authentication aspect of sharepoint/office365? I got it to work in teams, but it would be easier for my colleagues to just use their usual podcasting app on their phone. Some have support for basic authentication, but that is not what we would need here ☺️

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