MidDay Café Episode 51 – Copilot Dashboard, Restrictive SharePoint Search, and Copilot for Frontline
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MidDayCafe.pngMidDay Café Episode 51 – Copilot Dashboard in Viva, Restrictive SharePoint Search, and Copilot for Frontline Workers

In this episode of MidDay Café hosts Tyrelle Barnes and Michael Gannotti cover three topics that have been top of mind with customers. 1- How do organizations measure the impact, and value they ae getting from Copilot for Microsoft 365? 2- How can organizations safely roll out Copilot for Microsoft 365 while simultaneously addressing concerns around data access and employee over-sharing? 3- How can organizations with populations of Frontline Workers enable those employees to leverage the transformational power of Copilot for Microsoft 365 as well?

Tune in as Tyrelle and Mike cover The Copilot Dashboard in Viva Insights, Restrictive SharePoint Search, and the new licensing of Copilot for Frontline Workers.


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