Microsoft 365 Resources for Architecture – Data Resiliency – Deletion and Retention – Data Restore

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mesh_networking_dots_connected.pngI just had a short meeting with one of our customers and like many other customers they were looking for information about how their data in Microsoft 365 was safeguarded from a resiliency standpoint, retention standpoint, and the ability to recover the data. At the close of the session, I promised to supply the documentation links to content that addressed these three areas and since this is something frequently asked I am posting out those same resources for access by all.

Hope you find these resource links helpful!

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Do you have any information about restoring deleted data from the other services such as the PowerPlatform, i.e, Power BI objects, Flows and PowerApps. What options are available to mitigate the risk of accidental or intentional deletion for these apps?

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