Microsoft 365 Live Events How To and Deep Dive QA Webcast
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Microsoft Teams Live EventsMicrosoft Teams Live Events

The last several weeks the number one request I have had has been around Microsoft 365 Live Events. As organizations are rapidly enabling a mixed workforce of remote and on premise the ability to deliver rich, at scale messaging, has risen in importance. The requests culminated this weekend with a lengthy exchange on Twitter addressing some Q&A.

To meet organizational questions around Live Events at scale I decided to deliver another Live Events webcast with my colleagues Samantha Brown and Pete Anello. The session will be at 12 noon eastern next Tuesday the 14th. During this Microsoft Teams Live Events webcast I will cover:

  • 3 basic methods of delivering/consuming Live Events
  • Live Events Administration and network considerations
  • Live Q&A with virtual whiteboarding

The bulk of the session will be dedicated to the Q&A plus virtual whiteboarding so that your questions can be addressed. I hope you will join me and share this invite with your colleagues as well. To join the event you can either click the link below on the day of the webcast or choose the next link to download the calendar invite .ics file and add it to Outlook.

Pete Anello, Samantha Brown, and Michael GannottiPete Anello, Samantha Brown, and Michael Gannotti

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Michael GannottiMichael Gannotti

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