Leveraging Virtual Tours Inside of Viva Connections for Back to Work Scenarios – HLS Show Me How
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HLS Show Me How.pngWith return to work, and hybrid work becoming a reality, familiarity with physical locations is again coming in to play for many organizations. This “back to work” scenario seems to be playing out along three primary scenarios:

  • New hires may have never seen an orgs buildings.
  • Return workers may be going to new locations as building consolidation efforts have taken place.
  • Existing spaces may now be set up for hybrid work with non-dedicated spaces.

Thankfully, organizations can leverage the tremendous power of Microsoft Viva Connections paired with the rich immersive experiences of SharePoint Spaces to:

  • Bring impactful, educational, virtual tours to employees that immerse them in the new environments from comfort of home. SharePoint Spaces provides for immersive 360’ tours that can simulate the onsite experience with additional, contextual, information to enrich the experience.
  • Light up through Microsoft Viva Connections where the next generation Intranet is brought to employees where they work…. Microsoft Teams.
  • Use high quality, low cost, consumer grade devices like the Insta360 One X2, to capture stunning 360’ images and videos that can be leveraged within SharePoint Spaces.


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