January in HLS – Getting Started with Power Apps, Voices of Healthcare Cloud, and More
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Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, January edition. Check out the highlights below:



  • Microsoft and FHIR: Learn how Microsoft has created several FHIR applications that can be easily downloaded and deployed. Learn more here.  
  • Which .NET GraphQL Clients Should Your App Use?: Learn the different GraphQL Clients and how you can leverage them for your app. Read the post here.


Getting Started with PowerApps

  • Setting Up the Environment and Database: Learn how to create a Power Apps portal that uses Dataverse for storage. Read the post here.
  • Setting up the Portal: Learn how to create a Power App portal, configure a new Web Role, and start building your webpage. Click here to learn more.
  • Permissions and Registration: Finally, learn how to configure permissions, register your Portal, and assign users to see the page. Read the instructions here.


Voices of Healthcare Cloud

  • Supply Chain Transformation in Health: Learn how Microsoft can help hospitals transform and digitize supply chains with cost effective solutions. Read more here.
  • Driving ROI & Patient Satisfaction: Learn how to improve your supply chain processes, ROI, and patient and provider satisfaction with the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Learn more here.


Microsoft Azure

  • Cromwell on Azure 3.0 now supports Task Execution Schema v1:1: Learn how Cromwell on Azure configures all Azure resources needed to run workflows through Cromwell on the Azure Cloud using TES and Azure Batch. Learn more here.  
  • COVID Variant Analysis on Azure using Nextflow: In this three-part series learn how to run Nextflow on Azure. Learn more here.  


Microsoft Teams

  • Jumpstart Teams App Development with Teams Toolkit: Learn how to use the Teams Toolkit preview extension for VS Code to create, deploy, and debut Teams Apps  Read the post here.  
  • Use a Keyword in Teams Chat to Resume and Pause Azure Synapse: Learn how to enter a keyword into Teams to run, pause, and resume Azure Synapse. Read the post here.  


Power BI

  • New Roadmap: Interested in learning the newest features coming to Power BI? Click here for the April-September 2022 roadmap.


MidDay Café

  • Teams Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) and Teams Survivability: Are you concerned about the survivability of Teams voice? Tune into the MidDay Café webcast to learn more. Click here to watch.


Security Matters Newsletter

  • Get Updates on Microsoft Security: Interested in learning more about Microsoft security? Get the update here.


January's HLS Blog Contributors:



Sameer Doshi, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Azure


Jeremy W.jpg

Jeremy Windmiller, Senior Technical Specialist, Security & Compliance


dave upton.jfif

Dave Upton, Senior Customer Success Manager, Health and Life Sciences



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Shelly Avery, Director of Industry, Health and Life Sciences



Greg Beaumont, Senior Technical Specialist, Intelligence



Kendra Burgess, Senior Technical Specialist, Business Applications



Erdal Cosgun, Senior Data & Applied Scientist


daniel kim.jpg

Daniel Kim, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences


Joe Karasha.jfif

Joe Karasha, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences


phil jirsa.jpg

Phil Jirsa, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences



Thanks for reading and let us know how else our Microsoft team can help!



Erin Spencer, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams

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