Increasing Physical Event Impact and ROI with Microsoft 365 - Step by Step
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Corporate events with a physical presence are a great way to facilitate knowledge transfer, encourage networking, and spawn innovation across organizational silos. However, in today’s increasingly multi-location work environment the ability to put on such events is becoming more challenging. Cost for travel, time out from core work, and the logistics around such events means that they are being steadily scaled back in size and scope.

Join Microsoft’s Michael Gannotti September 30th and October 1st for these two Step by Step webcasts (1 hour each) where attendees will learn how to set up a proof of concept that increases the scale reach an organizational impact of physical events beyond the location while increasing the overall ROI. Attendees will learn how to leverage their existing Microsoft 365 investment to foster networking, cross silo innovation, as well as turn talks into actionable item generators.

These webcasts will take place at 12 noon eastern (9am pacific) over two consecutive days. Attendees will have plenty of time in each session for interactive Q&A. At the conclusion of the second session attendees will be provided with a link to the recorded event, various resources, as well as a Step by Step document that will detail how to build out such an event Proof of Concept to test within their own organization.

To secure the dates for the webcasts and add them to your calendar grab the two webcast .ics calendar invite files below.


Day 1:

  • Challenges with Physical Events
  • Solution
    • Microsoft 365
    • Solution Services
    • Benefits
  • Solution Pieces Overview
    • Integrated solution leveraging Microsoft 365 services to extend physical events to broader organization both live and on demand.
    • Solution Services:
    • SharePoint Online Communication Site – Central aggregating hub for employee access
    • Yammer – Yammer Live Events for delivery of event sessions with interactivity
    • Microsoft Stream – On-demand viewing of Live Event recordings as well as on-demand recordings of mobile app interviews, recordings of venue/booth coverage, etc.
    • Microsoft Teams – Management of event preparation/logistics, real-time communications of Event team and resources during the event.
    • Publish Event Tile into Microsoft Teams for event access and consumption.
  • Benefits
    • Increased real time attendance by extending remote attendance option
    • Increased ROI by increasing attendance in real-time as well as on demand post event
    • Potential to even deliver large scale, multi-part events entirely virtually with little overhead as supplement to Physical/Virtual mixed meetings
  • Open Q&A

Day 2:

  • Step by Step POC Buildout Walkthrough
  • Open Q&A throughout
  • Wrap up and next steps

Presenter: Michael Gannotti, Microsoft Teams Principal Technology Specialist
Host/Producer: Samantha Brown, Microsoft Teams Technical Specialist 

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