How Microsoft Copilot in the Edge Browser can help you learn from YouTube videos
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copilotyoutube.pngHow Microsoft Copilot in the Edge Browser can help you learn from YouTube videos

A new feature that lets you summarize, transcribe, and ask questions from any YouTube video

YouTube is a great source of information and learning for professionals, especially in the fields of technology, science, and education. You can find thousands of videos on topics ranging from programming languages, frameworks, and tools, to data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, to web development, design, and user experience, and much more. However, watching YouTube videos can also be time-consuming, distracting, and overwhelming. You might not have the time or patience to watch a long video, or you might get lost in the details and miss the main points. You might also have questions that are not answered in the video, or you might want to review the content later without having to watch the whole video again.

That's where Microsoft Copilot in the Edge Browser can help you. Microsoft Copilot is a new feature that lets you interact with any YouTube video in a smart and convenient way. You can use Microsoft Copilot to summarize the video, create a transcript, and ask questions from the video content. You can also save the summaries, transcripts, and answers for later reference, or share them with others. Microsoft Copilot can help you learn more from YouTube videos, without wasting time or losing focus.

In this video Microsoft's Darryl Rowe shows how you can leverage the power of Microsoft Copilot in the Edge browser to summarize YouTube videos, generate Youtube transcripts, ask questions of the video, and more! 


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