HLS Teams Productivity Summit- Empowering Frontline Workers on shared mobile devices
Published Apr 23 2023 01:20 PM 1,559 Views

Thank you for being a part of the HLS Teams Productivity Summit. We are pleased to provide you with a copy of today's presentation and recording, which you can find below.

Session Title: Empowering frontline workers on shared mobile devices

Session Details: Most frontline workers today use shared devices while at work. This means they need to sign-in and -out of their devices once or multiple times a shift. This can be time consuming, and if not done correctly, a security risk. To simplify authentication for shared device, Microsoft created Shared Device Mode.


With Shared Device Mode, a user only needs to sign-in once to be automatically authenticated into all their MSAL enabled applications and sign-out once to make the device safe to give to the next user. During this session, we will discuss timelines for Shared Device Mode and how to roll it out to your frontline workers.


Target Audience: IT Professionals who manage a fleet of shared corporate devices.

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