HLS Show Me How - Enabling and Using PowerPoint Recording for Video Creation
Published Aug 29 2018 12:00 PM 2,500 Views

When working with Healthcare and Life Sciences customers the topic of support and end user training comes up frequently.  While Microsoft provides a wealth of training resources there are often many cases where IT resources are asked to put together process documents for applications, Tips and Tricks docs for org specific services, and more. Putting together these training resources can be time consuming. Furthermore, in today’s fast paced world of medicine and research people are looking for quick video snippet to “Show Me How.” (sound familiar?) Thankfully there is a tool (PowerPoint) that users are familiar with that allows you to create short “show me how” videos as quickly as you can show and talk through a service.

In this HLS Show Me How video I show how you can turn on the Recording Feature of PowerPoint and leverage it to quickly/easily create powerful video snippets for your users with very little effort.

You can learn more about PowerPoint Recording here.


Well that's not good. Thanks for fyi @Stephan Swinford. Perils of quick uploading on a busy client day. Will double check and update


Hmmmm very strange the original PowerPoint recording has all the demo portion. First time I have seen that happen. I do know seemed to take longer than usual yesterday. Re-processing/outputting now. Thanks again @Stephan Swinford


Video re-processed and switched out with all demo piece showing. Thanks again @Stephan Swinford !

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