February in HLS - Teams, Live Events, AI, Power BI, Data Protection and Clinical Industry Experts!
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Annnndddddd we're back for the monthly recap! February in HLS was filled with HLS Events, Webcasts, "How To" Posts, and Industry Expert Blogs. Take a look below:

Microsoft Teams in HLS Events:

  • Product Group Event - Driving Adoption of Teams in Your Organization: On Thursday, February 13th, the Microsoft Teams Product Group lead a full day event in Cambridge, MA, demonstrating the impact that Teams can make in Health & Life Sciences organizations. It was broadcast live to the Health Customer Network (HCN), a private community comprised of US National Health and Life Sciences customers, sponsored by the Healthcare Customer Success Team at Microsoft. Click here to join the Health Customer Network (HCN) and attend the monthly webcasts live.
  • Microsoft Teams Event - Adoption in Healthcare and Life Sciences: Join us on Thursday, March 26th for a co-hosted event with our partner Kinly around Healthcare-specific Microsoft Teams adoption and conferencing interop, complete with a breakout session for your industry. We are live-streaming concurrently from both the Microsoft Technology Center in Manhattan and Kinly's showroom in Cedar Knowles, NJ. Click here to see the full agenda and register now.

Recorded Webcasts Posted:

  • Microsoft Teams Live Events Webcast: Microsoft Teams Live Events provides the ideal platform for delivering large scale corporate communications, executive announcements, training, and more. Best of all, it comes as a part of each organization's Office 365 subscription. We cover what a Teams Live Event is, how to administer Teams Live Events, how to schedule an event, and how to produce and deliver an event. For the step-by-step and lively Q&A, check this out.


  • Microsoft Azure Information Protection Secures Power BI Data Exports for a Seamless DLP Strategy - Greg Beaumount, Microsoft Power Platform Senior Technical Specialist: Microsoft Information Protection and Cloud App Security tools are now in Preview for Power BI as part of your enterprise Data Loss Prevention strategy, allowing for the ability to track and protect exported files of sensitive patient data. Check out Greg's demo of how Microsoft Information Protection works as a part of Power BI Data Protection.

Industry Expert Posts:

  • Digitizing the OR: The Role of AI & AR/VR as Disrupters in Surgical Care – Fatima Paruk, MD, MPH, US CMIO, US Health & Life Sciences:   Do you ever wonder how AI can reduce clinician burnout, improve their efficiency for surgeons, and improve patient outcomes? Fatima dives into the potential for AI in digital surgery here.
  • How Technology is Reshaping the Patient Experience - John Barto, Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences: Healthcare Evangelist John Barto discusses the impact technology is having on the patient experience. Hear how health organizations are adopting technology to empower patients, unlock health silos, and modernize the health experience here.
  • Year of the Nurse & Midwife Episode 1 - Molly McCarthy, National Director US Health and Chief Nursing Officer: This is is the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Nurses and Midwives account for nearly 50% of the global healthcare workforce (WHO). Microsoft's Molly McCarthy discusses why the initiative was launched, why it's important to Microsoft, and what viewers can expect over the next year here.

February’s HLS Blog Contributors:



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Casey McCarthy, Director Customer Success, Microsoft Teams



Greg Beaumount, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft Power Platform



Claire Bonaci, Director, Business Development, Health and Life Sciences



Fatima Paruk, CMIO, US Health and Life Sciences



Molly McCarthy, National Director, US Health and CNO



John Barto, Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences


Thanks for coming!


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Sam Brown, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams


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