February in HLS – Microsoft Teams Summit, MidDay Café, and More
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Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, February edition. Check out the highlights below: 


MidDay Cafe

  • Teams Survivability: Learn how Microsoft Teams leverages Survivable Branch Appliances. Learn more here.  
  • Kari’s Law and Ray Baum’s Act with Microsoft Teams: Learn how Microsoft Teams meets the newest telephony legal requirements. Click here to watch.
  • Extending Viva Connections Dashboard with Custom and 3rd Party Apps: Learn how you can use the Viva Connections Dashboard extensibility. Click here to learn more.
  • Empowering Care Team Communication with Microsoft Teams: Learn how frontline workers can leverage tools within Teams to communicate better. Watch the episode here.


Power BI

  • Screen Scrape to Gorgeous Visual in 5 Steps: Learn how to scrape data from a website and create a dashboard with the data. Read the post here.
  • Power BI Summit: Mark your calendars from March 7th-11th for the Power BI Summit with hundreds of speakers and events. Register here.
  • Power BI Art of the Possible: Watch a demonstration of the art of the possible with Power BI for Healthcare Retail & Pharmacy.  


Microsoft Teams Summit

  • Day 1 Employee Engagement Platform: Learn how to use the new Microsoft Viva platform in Microsoft Teams. Learn more here.
  • Day 2 Understand Teams Call Quality Dashboard & Reporting: Learn how to leverage the CQD to assist in identifying and remediating common issues impacting Microsoft Teams. Watch the video here.
  • Day 3 Empowering Frontline Workers: Watch how Microsoft Teams can help your frontline workforce with common tools like shifts and approvals. Click here to learn more here.
  • Day 4 Enabling Hybrid Work: Discover the latest functionalities in Teams to support your day-to-day work. Watch the episode here.


Microsoft Azure

  • Bioconductor on Microsoft Azure: Learn how to use the Bioconductor project on Microsoft Azure. Read the post here.
  • Host Static Web Sites for Free in Azure: Learn how you can easily host a simple site in Azure for free. Read the post here.
  • Genomic Data in Parquet Format on Azure: Learn how to use Parquet format on Azure. Learn more here.  
  • Graphir Access FHIR with GraphQL: Learn how can use GraphQL to fetch complex FHIR objects. Read the post here.  
  • Integrating Event Grid with GraphQL API: Learn how to use Azure Messaging Event Grid with GraphQL API. Read more here.  


Windows 365 Cloud PC Healthcare Blog Series

  • New Windows 365 Blog Series: Read the new healthcare blog series for Windows 365 Cloud PC where complex and strategic healthcare scenarios will be covered. Learn more about the blog here.

Other Posts:

  • Connecting a Blazor App to Swagger API: Create a new Blazor application and use the OpenAPI Visual Studio 2022 extension to create a connected service to a Swagger API. Click here to learn more.
  • Calling REST APIs From the IDE: Learn how to use the REST Client extension for Visual Studio Code to track URLs. Learn how here.  
  • Nextflow Development with GitHub CodeSpaces: Learn how to use Nextflow with GitHub CodeSpaces. Read the post here.
  • Dataverse Visualizing with an Entity Diagram: Learn how to create visualizations in Power BI for Dataverse. Read the post here. :


February's HLS Blog Contributors:



Sameer Doshi, Principal Cloud Solution Architect, Azure


Juan Sifuentes.jpg

Juan Sifuentes, Senior Technical Specialist, Security


Sara Doerge.jpg

Sara Doerge, Director Customer Success Manager, Microsoft Teams


MJ Schanne.jpg

MJ Schanne, Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences



Olesya Melnichenko, Senior Software Engineer


phil jirsa.jpg

Phil Jirsa, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences


dave upton.jfif

Dave Upton, Senior Customer Success Manager, Health and Life Sciences



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Kendra Burgess, Senior Technical Specialist, Business Applications


daniel kim.jpg

Daniel Kim, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences



Erdal Cosgun, Senior Data & Applied Scientist




Thanks for reading and let us know how else our Microsoft team can help!



Erin Spencer, Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams

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