Dataverse : Visualizing with an Entity Diagram
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There may be times when you want to see the “big picture” when working with a database.  Having been in the role of DBA in the past, when I work with databases, either building, modifying, or developing applications, I like to visualize all the tables and their relationships using an entity diagram.   

I have been unable to find a direct way to achieve this through Dataverse currently.

Alternatively, here are two ways you may achieve this:


Create and manage relationships in Power BI Desktop - Power BI | Microsoft Docs

See all your relations in Relationship view


With PowerBI  Desktop, Get Data from Dataverse, login, choose tables, click Load.



You may notice when you open the Model that not all relationships are identified and displayed. 




XRM Toolbox

The fastest and easiest way I have found is by using the XRMToolKit with the Entity Relation Diagram Creator.
Entity Relation Diagram Creator  · XrmToolBox



Example from a recent project I worked on.

Once you have logged into your environment, you simply open the Entity Relation Diagram Creator from Tools, Load Entities, make your selection of entities, configure your options, and click Create.

You can change the layout of your entities to how you prefer.   Example below does not have the “Show data types” selected, but that is a setting I would typically prefer.

Once you are happy with your layout, make sure to save your diagram.




If you have used another method, please drop a note below. 




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