EMR click-to-launch ad-hoc virtual visit Power App
Published Feb 28 2023 10:25 AM 1,592 Views

There’s been a lot of interest in the ad-hoc/virtual visit workflow and the use of a custom launcher. We have customers doing this today, which helps simplify the use of communication platform interfaces in the context of physician and clinician workflow.


One topic that comes up is specifically how this fits into the EMR. Whereas the EMR Virtual Appointments with Teams for Epic and Oracle Health (Cerner) are packaged offerings, doing tailored launch deployment has a few more steps to it—but it doesn’t require moving mountains either :>. It can also be done with other EMR platforms where there isn’t a pre-packaged connector available.


In this video, I discuss some of the key questions that come up from customers, plus show the connection points between the EMR and Power Apps along with a demonstration and breakdown of how it works.

  • What configuration is needed in the EMR?
  • What information is part of the integration?
  • What does the user experience look like in the EMR? (with demo)
  • How is this information processed/used?
  • I want to do _____ differently from the sample, how can I do that?

Enjoy the video!


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