Easy Learning and Testing with PowerPoint and Forms – HLS Show Me How

Published Oct 01 2018 12:01 PM 4,384 Views

During Ignite last week an announcement quietly came out about one of the new ways in which Microsoft was empowering Office 365 users to create rich training content with knowledge testing using tools they already easily employ. In this case with the latest updates to Microsoft Office the ability to insert a dynamic Microsoft Form for surveying or testing was enabled. It is important to note that this is a function of the 32 bit version. It does open the door however for nurses, other clinicians, pharma drug manufacturing employers, and other to be empowered to capture their tacit knowledge easily for presentation on a floor kiosk and allow for the testing of knowledge, all without IT!


In this HLS Show Me How video I demonstrate how a nurse could easily create training for a shared workstation using PowerPoint and the new Insert > Forms capability. While this use case addresses nurses and surgical scrubbing it can easily be applied in a myriad of use cases.


Thanks for visiting - Michael Gannotti

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