Welcome to the Green Tech Community
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Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 2.12.24 PM.pngThe purpose of the Green Tech community is to raise awareness about sustainability in the tech sector and propel people to action. Through the community, we intend to reach a broad audience of tech workers, students, professors, as well as our customers and partners worldwide.  


The community is a partnership between Developer Relations Green Cloud Advocacy and Microsoft's Worldwide Sustainability Community. The intention is to provide a space for channeling ideas, opinions, and passions into meaningful action. Our vision is to raise awareness of the need for increased sustainability practices and to equip our readers with information that builds their confidence in talking to others about this important topic and taking action for a more sustainable future. 


To get started, please visit https://aka.ms/sse/learn to dive into the self-paced Learn Module:  Introduction to the Principles of Sustainable Software Engineering. 


Learn about the Worldwide Sustainability Communities and join to become a member of your local chapter.


Visit the Green Tech blog for weekly articles on a range of sustainability topics. Please contact Rae Lyon if you're interested in submitting a post or learning more.

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