Teams setup rapidly grows my profile disk
Published Jul 22 2020 11:14 AM 10.8K Views

Hi there, Gonzalo again here. We have many customers that contact us with the same request: When Teams it is installed, profile disk rapidly grows around 4 to 5 GB in size, but the data contained there is just about a few MBs. This issue it is only observed when you are using the default disk type (Dynamic).


I would like to clarify something before moving forward: This is not bug in Teams nor FSLogix. As any software, during setup, Teams will write temporary data that will be deleted when setup completes, and the good news is that there is a way to avoid this. After some research conducted by our product group, they shared with us a way to avoid this situation by adding an exclusion to the redirections.xml file. You will need to add the following exclusion:


<Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Service Worker\</Exclude>


Please note that this will be beneficial to you if you add this line before installing Teams. If you already installed Teams and you want to remove all those empty blocks from the profile disk, please review the options described in this other blog.


You can get more information about the use of redirections by looking at our official documentation and more in depth in the following technical article.

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