Microsoft releases new version of SeeingAI


It's a free app that narrates the world for blind and low vision people, right from your phone! It supports people with daily tasks like reading mail, identifying every day products, hearing descriptions of photos, and much more. This version launches on Android for the first time and with this launch, will be available in 18 languages now with a plan to expand to 36 in 2024! 


Images should SeeingAI screenshotsImages should SeeingAI screenshots


Check out the full article here:  Seeing AI App Launches on Android – Including new and updated features and new languages. - Microsof...

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This Android app represents a significant advancement in our commitment to inclusivity for the visually impaired community. By providing narration for tasks such as reading mail and describing photos, it promotes accessibility and independence. The expansion to 18 languages, with further plans for 36 in 2024, underscores our dedication to breaking down language barriers and ensuring that individuals worldwide can benefit from our free service. This initiative aligns with our non-profit mission to create positive social impact and foster a more inclusive society. Just imagine many other user-cases where AI can enhance our lifes.
Leaving the non-profit leaders conference in Seattle has ignited the AI conversations. ARE YOU AI ready?
This looks like such a valuable app. Thank you for your commitment in this space!