What does ELC stand for?

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Does anybody know what ELC stands for in terms of information collected from the PowerShell command 

Name Value
---- -----
ElcAssistantLock 1
ElcLastRunTotalProcessingTime 44832
ElcLastRunSubAssistantProcessingTime 17387
ElcLastRunUpdatedFolderCount 191
ElcLastRunTaggedFolderCount 0
ElcLastRunUpdatedItemCount 0
ElcLastRunTaggedWithArchiveItemCount 0
ElcLastRunTaggedWithExpiryItemCount 0
ElcLastRunDeletedFromRootItemCount 0
ElcLastRunDeletedFromDumpsterItemCount 0
ElcLastRunArchivedFromRootItemCount 1
ElcLastRunArchivedFromDumpsterItemCount 0
ELCLastSuccessTimestamp 1/10/2022 4:30:05 AM
ElcLastRunSkippedNoTagItemCount 0
ElcLastRunSkippedWithTagItemCount 0
ElcLastRunSkippedNotExcludedItemCount 0
ElcFaiSaveStatus SaveSucceeded
ElcFaiDeleteStatus DeleteNotAttempted
I am documenting an element of this for our team.  It would be nice to know what this acronymn stands for.
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Email LifeCycle. Check out this article by Tony that goes into the details on these logs:

@Vasil Michev 

Hi Vasil,


I am in the final stages of prep for a migration from Exchange 2010 to 2016.

I wanted to check the status of the Mailbox Folder Assistant so I know how often it has been running on user mailboxes.

However, when I run the command in Tony's excellent article, there are no elc* entries at all in the XML for any user. And they all are using a default local archive policy that should be moving anything older than 2years into their archive.

We are on the latest CU that Microsoft released after the Hafnium thing happened. 


I no longer have any Exchange 2010 box to test, but afaik this should be working on 2010 too.
Not sure why it does not on my system.
I will look into it further. And I will also try the same commands once the migration to the Exchange 2016 server is complete. I will be taking very intense care to make sure everything is configured as close to best practices as our environment and budget for hardware and software will allow. The new box should be as pristine as I can hope for, so hopefully everything works as it should then.
Thanks for your quick reply!