Using a Shared Mailbox to manage team tasks

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I have been looking for information for this scenario. A user has a shared mailbox but wants to create tasks in the shared mailbox and assign them to team members. The idea being that the task gets sent to each person from the shared mailbox and it receives responses. A sort of task traffic policeman.


There are a bunch of articles and tips about using tasks in personal mailboxes but I wanted to find information on shared mailboxes - or even if it's possible.


Any links or pointers appreciated. 

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The difference is the "shared identity" of the mailbox, which might cause trouble for people seeing tasks that are assigned to them. Why don't you give Planner a try?

@Vasil Michev I understand the principle of why it might be an issue. I dont know if planner would provide the same solution. The question is really about this scenario. They are doing this and sometimes it doesnt work. I am interested in some docs that might discuss whether it's even possible.

@stephen_dxc122 There is a third party tool that I think does exactly what you're asking for. Check out Emailgistics.

They allow items in a shared mailbox to be assigned to specific people.


Note that I haven't used it. I'm familiar with the product, but can't speak from experience.
Nevertheless, I think it might just meet your needs.