Use Exchange Online as SMTP for reports from Tableau Server

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Hi everyone,


we have a Tableau Server that need's to change it's SMTP settings to send reports to our board members. What we like to achieve is to use our own Exchange Server as SMTP with TLS 1.2 in order to send those reports. More about the Tableau Server side settings here:


As we never used Exchange for that use case before I would like to understand if and how this can be achieved, even without Tableau. Reffering documentation or guides would also be very helpful! We are using Microsoft365 ourselves, having a Exchange Online Server ready for testing.

Thank you!

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Using Exchange Online as SMTP relay is generally something that you should avoid, as you risk blacklisting your domain. If only a handful of messages will be sent, you should be fine though, and you can use one of the methods outlined here: How to set up a multifunction device or application to send email using Microsoft 365 or Office 365 ...

For any mass mailing scenarios, best stick to specialized software outside of O365.

@Vasil Michev it would be just for internal use and only dedicated users, no mass mails. Actually it's just about letting Tableau Server sent messages through a secure SMTP server/relay to avoid using any additional service or free providers.