The Exchange Server displays the wrong version number.

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I installed the latest version of Exchange Server 2019 CU 12 (KB5011156 Build 15.2.1118.12) over the old version (CU 12, Build 15.2.1118.7 from April 20, 2022). After this all necessary security updates were installed (KB5015322 from August 9, 2022). The latest version number is also displayed in the Control Panel under Installed Programs.

Health Checker script tell me everything is okay!

However, when entering the following command in PowerShell Get-ExchangeServer | Format-List Name,  Edition, AdminDisplayVersion the server still shows the old version number (15.2.1118.7).

The folder 15.2.1118.12 is already available under C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\ClientAccess\ecp and C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V15\ClientAccess\owa, but this files are still not in use.

The server has also had massive performance problems since the last update. It is possible that this is related to the version salad.

Why is this and how can I fix the error?

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I'm also seeing this same thing.  I don't think SUs increment the version shown in ECP/EAC.  It only shows the CU that you have installed.