synchronize outlook contacts

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My requirement is to automatically keep the contacts in my customer database, which are in an excel 20019 table, synchronized with the Contact book of the Outlook 2019 account
At the moment, through an excel macro I can automatically create the .CSV file to be imported in outlook but I'm looking for a Macro, a software or other solution suggested by you to automate this procedure
how can I do?

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Hi @salvatore75

Do you use Office 365? I would simply get a Business Premium licence which includes Exchange, an evergreen version of Office (including Outlook) and the Outlook Customer Manager for unifying and managing contacts

I would not recommend keeping these in an excel table.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

Dear Christopher Hoard
Mine is an office 365 business essential account exchange. so I do not have a Customer Manager outlook
I need to automatically synchronize the contacts between excel and outlook without always having to do the import procedure, because my customer management is in excel and having that data in outlook thanks to the exchange account my smar5tphone tells me who it is when I get a call