Support for Plus Addressing in Office 365

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I am sure I came across the following in our message centre, but I can no longer find it for an update.  Just tested it and it is not available yet.  Does anyone have an update?


"Plus Addressing is a great way to quickly create custom (or disposable) email addresses based off your standard email address, by simply adding a "+" suffix string to an existing email address in Office 365. For example, a plus address for could be something like that she could use to sign up for the newsletter at the Northwind web site. Then when Northwind sends a newsletter to it will route directly to Kim could create an Inbox rule that then moves messages sent to this + address into the "Northwind" folder. Plus addressing support in Office 365 is a great way to more easily manage your Inbox, and even track mail like marketing and sales campaigns."

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@Tanya Denton ignore me it was on the roadmap and not until Q4 2020 :(


 @Tanya Denton do you have any reference to the roadmap you're refering to?


@nidde Hi item 'Support for Plus Addressing in Office 365'


@Tanya Denton  - Looks like it arrived early :)  This was just posted on UserVoice:


ADMIN Sean S (Admin, Microsoft Office 365) responded  ·  Sep 23, 2020

I’m pleased to announce that the plus addressing feature is now available for Exchange Admins to enable. This can be done through Powershell using the following command:
Set-OrganizationConfig -AllowPlusAddressInRecipients $true

For instructions on how to use Powershell, you can find out more here:

The setting may not instantly take effect so please expect a delay before you can start using plus addresses.

The Exchange Transport team

I have enable this for my org. I have a primary smtp of and an alias of
If I send from personal gmail account to it fails. first.last+test not found at
If I send to it gets delivered to my mailbox.
and now they both work

@jasonsch69  Good to know. This may have been due to the delay that was mentioned by the Microsoft admin who published the information.