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Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Quarantined message storage in hidden system folder on user mailb...  states that instead of quarantine messages being in a hosted repository, they will now be in a hidden system folder in the user mailbox. Neither the link to the roadmap, nor the roadmap's "More info" article make mention of this. However, the title seems to imply the above article is correct.


Are quarantined messages in Exchange Online hosted in a repository, or the user's mailbox? I want to remove attachments from specific emails before delivery, and this is the only way to do it.

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I agree. The link you posted seems to be the only location this is stated. The author does work for Microsoft, but it would be nice to have this documented on a Microsoft Learn page somewhere

@Dan Snape 


I checked with MFCMapi 


I guess it might these Folders. But as mentioned in the Article you can access the Folders but it looks like there are no Items inside...






Unfortunately, it's empty. The article also says that the user won't have access to these folders. If no one has access to them, I'm not sure what the point of moving their location and telling anyone about it was.