Skipped Items not listed in reports from IMAP batch migration

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Dear Community,


We recently started some IMAP batch migration within the Exchange Admin center.

These batched synced successfully. However skipped in most cases several items. 

We would like to identify these Items.

We tried 2 different ways to get these Items listed. Both were not successful.


1. through the skipped Items details button from the details pane. 


there are 100 Items skipped


Details pane does not show any items:



2. we tried to access the items via powershell with these or similar commands:

Get-MigrationUserStatistics -Identity <userID> | Format-List SkippedItemCount,SkippedItems
Get-SyncRequest -mailbox <userMailBox> | Get-SyncRequestStatistics -IncludeReport -DiagnosticInfo "showtimeslots, showtimeline, verbose"
all come up empty
SkippedItemCount : 51
SkippedItems : {}
We found similar issues described here:
Can someone help? How can we identify the skipped items by the migration?
thank you so much,
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We are facing the same issue here with multiple migrations.
Having the same exact issue. Tried finding the items in PS as well but it just shows the number of skipped items with {} showing in the report where the items should be.

In my case:

  • Migration details show a count in "ITEMS SKIPPED" column
  • Skipped item detail list for these mailboxes is empty
  • PowerShell also shows the same SkippedItemCount, but returns an empty object as content
  • In the log for these mailboxes, there is no mention of any problems or skipped items
  • I am not sure whether there really are skipped items and if there are how to identify them
  • Users are not reporting missing anything, even those that have had a good look

My Microsoft partner pretty much said that's the way it is, do a PST migration instead.  Not really what I was looking for.  I've done plenty of migrations over the years and not had this issue before.


Screenshots below.




@BurkhardDewitz You want to see a list of SkippedItems as it is displayed in the GUI (using details of the migrationbatch => (migrationusers) => List of skipped items?
You were correct: Get-MigrationUser | get-migrationuserstatistics | fl skippeditemcount, skippeditems

but you forgot to use the switch -IncludeSkippedItems that the skippeditems are being retrieved from Exchange. Try:
Get-MigrationUser | get-migrationuserstatistics -includeskippeditems | fl skippeditemcount, skippeditems

... let me know if it worked ;)

Thank you so much @jk_askus , This showed up what's needed instead of just {}