Security Vulnerability for exchange server 2016 - Healthcheck.ps1


Hello All 


Currently my exchangeserver 2016 running on CU 23 with Jan 2023 SU , whenevr i run the .\healthchecker.PS1 script. it showing the below are 


Security Vulnerability
IIS module anomalies detected: False
Security Vulnerability: Download Domains are not configured. You should configure them to be protected against CVE-2021-1730.
Configuration instructions:


THIS IS CAN BE IGNORED, since i dont have external certificate with SAN name


Security Vulnerability: CVE-2022-24516, CVE-2022-21979, CVE-2022-21980, CVE-2022-24477, CVE-2022-30134
Extended Protection isn't configured as expected


CVE-2022-24516, CVE-2022-21979 - i have installed it , howver it keeps coming the script report, 


Since am running with latest CU , will this be ignored? Please suggest

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You need to enable Extended Protection:

Check the link above for exceptions. Once you enable EP, download the latest Health checker script and run it. You should not see that message again.
Thanks @Dhruva. Let me update