SchedulingMailbox Could anyone please provide some information about this mailbox type ?

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Recently I've found a mailbox type SchedulingMailbox in our tenant.Did a google search but was not able to find relevant information.

Could anyone please provide some insight on this mailbox type? a URL would be really helpful.




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Hello @saikelu ,


Scheduling mailboxes are basically your resource mailboxes (for eg. meeting room).

You may use PowerShell to list the Scheduling mailboxes in your tenant

Following are the commands to help you to find the details from PowerShell

Type the commands one by one


$user = get-credential
$s = New-Pssession -ConnectionUri -Credential $user -Authentication basic -AllowRedirection -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange
Import-PSSession $s
get-mailbox -RecipientTypeDetails Scheduling


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I noticed that when I create a company booking page using letters with accent, the resulting Scheduling MailBox´s Attributes as UserPrincipalName, Alias and Primary SmtpAddress was created without the accented letter.

Note that DisplayName is different than the others attributes.

Alias: FarmciaRoval
DisplayName: Farmácia Roval
EmailAddresses: {

Question: Is there any problem on changing those attributes from PowerShell in order to correct them?