Rules to Redirect Junk Mail

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Is there anyway to create a rules in ECA/Outlook to received a copy of the Junk emails of another user. Reason being is to investigate the false positive of the Junk tagging.

Scenario will be, if UserA received an email that is filter as Junk, send a copy of that Junk email to UserB.

I am not able to find option of Junk message tagging in the rules. Is there any workaround for this scenario?


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Use the reporting add-in and configure a rule to capture/redirect all reported messages:

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Thanks for the link.

What if the UserA doesn't report the mail through the Reporting Add-in, will UserB still be able to get a copy of the email by setting the mail flow (assuming the mail landed on UserA Junk Folder)?


No, the rule explicitly captures messages reported to Microsoft.