Route mail between Office 365 and a GoDaddy email server

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I have mailboxes in two places; some mailboxes in Office 365, and some are on a GoDaddy email server.  This article, "Set up connectors to route mail between Office 365 and your own email servers" suggests that I could setup a connector so that some mailboxes could be on the GoDaddy email server, and some mailboxes could be on Office 365 - but all mailboxes would be email addresses.  


Is this true, or do all mailboxes need to be hosted on Exchange Online?


p.s. My use case is that I have some contractors with mailboxes, and it is really cheap to host those mailboxes with GoDaddy compared to buying them all Exchange Online accounts.

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Yes, you can do this, though not a best practice, you can point your MX to O365 and then set up a connector with transport rule (CBR) to route all emails for contractors to that connector...

This might be helpful in creating Transport Rule and connector:-