Route mail between Office 365 and a GoDaddy email server

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I have mailboxes in two places; some mailboxes in Office 365, and some are on a GoDaddy email server.  This article, "Set up connectors to route mail between Office 365 and your own email servers" suggests that I could setup a connector so that some mailboxes could be on the GoDaddy email server, and some mailboxes could be on Office 365 - but all mailboxes would be email addresses.  


Is this true, or do all mailboxes need to be hosted on Exchange Online?


p.s. My use case is that I have some contractors with mailboxes, and it is really cheap to host those mailboxes with GoDaddy compared to buying them all Exchange Online accounts.

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Yes, you can do this, though not a best practice, you can point your MX to O365 and then set up a connector with transport rule (CBR) to route all emails for contractors to that connector...

This might be helpful in creating Transport Rule and connector:-

Hi @DeepakRandhawa, I know this is old, But can you enlighten us with the link you provide? It seems as if that link does not work anymore. Based on my research, I have found these references to how to do it But It looks like I am getting errors when testing the connectors similar to this one, my research on this has been very unclear, Like this one here. Anything you can share on this can be constructive. Thank you.