Report Message add-on should have a built-in link to the user's Quarantine

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Earlier in the year EOP\ATP added support for "Preset Security Policies" where the STRICT policy setting utilizes the EOP Quarantine  located at URL "" instead of the Outlook "Junk Email" folder to hold and review Spam.   Users will be accessing the quarantine in more scenarios.


To improve the user experience as Outlook does not provide any mechanism for the user to accomplish adhoc access to the Quarantine, The Report Message add-on should be modified to provide an easy to use Link to the user's Quarantine


Training then can be delivered with a specific method to access the users email quarantine. 

Thanks, Stu



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Yes, quarantine notifications is just one way to get he URL to access the Quarantine. But, it should not be the only way Outlook can guide the user to the Quarantine. Some users delete these notifications and then have to search their mailboxes for the link to Quarantine. Does that mean we should not have a method that is consistent and always present for training? Today, with my customers who will use the STRICT approach - I recommend deploying a shortcut to every desktop for the Quarantine. I see modifying "Report Message" as a low cost and low impact usability improvement given greater recommended usage of the hosted quarantine.

Also improving the time taken to notify a user of quarantined email to say at least one hour would be a big improvement.@Stuart_Schifter