Removing last Exchange server from on-prem

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I have a query about removing last Exchange server from our pn-prem.

I followed MS article: Manage recipients in Exchange Server 2019 Hybrid environments | Microsoft Learn

To remove the last Exchange server from on-prem while keeping Exchange online and AD connect to sync identity and properties from on-prem AD to Azure AD.

I completed the paragraph “Prepare the Exchange Environment”, that end with shutdown Exchange server. And now our Exchange server is turned off and everything works fine.

My question is: shall I continue with next paragraph of “Permanently shutting down your last Exchange Server” and “Active Directory clean up”. and if I do so, will this impact Sync Exchange properties of users from on-prem to cloud ?
Anyone did this before and is it safe ?
we are keeping our users in local AD synced to Azure AD using AD connect.

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Follow the steps to permanently shutdown the last Exchange server. For AD clean-up, only do this if you plan to never run an on-premises Exchange server again.