RBAC - Automated membership?

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Hello all,

We have created a separate Role Group in Exchange Online for our Helpdesk.
So far the accounts are directly entered as members. I would like to automate the membership.

Our helpdesk employees currently do not have an Azure AD admin role. They are pure cloud accounts without mailbox.

My understanding is that only mail-enabled security groups can be authorized as group memberships. However, with this one, I cannot automate membership based on specific attributes.


Have you automated the membership, what other options would I have, do you have any ideas for me?



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There's no automated method, but you can easily run a PowerShell script that gets a list of all users matching a specific attribute value and add them as members of the MESG. Even schedule it to run periodically as needed.
Yes, I thought so. With the script is a good idea, I'll give it a try, thanks