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Hi All,

So I have been migrating mailboxes from onprem to O365 in the hybrid config with no issues.

Today I have two migration batch jobs that state "NeedsApproval", but everything migrated.

Kind of confused as i don't see a way to "approve" the jobs and I don't see any issues.LED04_0-1634130834215.png


Any ideas?


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Ok so now after a while they are all "Completed" so is this just a new message during the completion process?
Good morning.

I think this could help you out here: https://www.alitajran.com/complete-mailbox-migration-with-bad-items/
Um no, this just explains the skippped items threshhold. This is the first time I'm seeing this message and I have migrated at least 250 users across five batches. They all had good or perfect scores as these did but this is a first as it I've ever seen this message before.