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Hi All,

So I have been migrating mailboxes from onprem to O365 in the hybrid config with no issues.

Today I have two migration batch jobs that state "NeedsApproval", but everything migrated.

Kind of confused as i don't see a way to "approve" the jobs and I don't see any issues.LED04_0-1634130834215.png


Any ideas?


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Ok so now after a while they are all "Completed" so is this just a new message during the completion process?
Good morning.

I think this could help you out here: https://www.alitajran.com/complete-mailbox-migration-with-bad-items/
Um no, this just explains the skippped items threshhold. This is the first time I'm seeing this message and I have migrated at least 250 users across five batches. They all had good or perfect scores as these did but this is a first as it I've ever seen this message before.

I'm  also getting this with every mailbox/batch we run. It says needs approval with no option to approve. Eventually it moves to completed and the mailboxes are migrated. I have opened a case with Microsoft. @LED04 

The Status indicated "Need Approval", you can check users license apps for their application, make sure you tick Exchange Online (Plan XX). Anyway the completion of migration resume as usual, It will change status when completing migration completed