PS Script to email enable a lot of public folders

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I just got hired by a company that was recently spun off from another one.  As part of that divestiture a couple thousand PF's were migrated across via some migration software.  The problem is that the software didn't bring across email addresses or the fact that they were email enabled.


Right now that same software is taking care of automatically forwarding all emails that come in to the old company's PF's to the new ones, so no one has really noticed that the new company's PF's are NOT email enabled.  I need to fix that because in 7 days that auto forwarding comes to an end :(


I have 2 spreadsheets from the old email system.  One contains the GUID & identity of every PF on the old system, and the other contains the GUID and smtp address of every PF on the old system.  I have since done a Replace to change to old domain name to the new one.  Now I need to find a way to merge those two spreadsheets using the GUID, and then get a PS script that can go in and use the identity to find the PF and email enable it with the proper smtp address.


Sounds easy, right???  The problem is I suck at powershell, and with thousands of these I have no way to do them all manually.  I've been googling hoping to find some handy dandy script out there that would do all of this, but so far no luck.  If anyone knows of something out there that would help I would VERY much love to hear it.





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Has the identity (path) remain unchanged? Guids are different, so you may need to use that to map old PF to new PF, not Guids. Or the mail forwarding set on the old PFs. Hit me up on mail with excerpts of the two files and I'll see if I can get you going.