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Hi everyone,


A user that has Online Archive enabled for him, (Historic reasons), Has recently made a mistake of moving folders back and forth from the archive to the inbox. In the process several duplications were created. This was a folder with multiple subfolders. I changed the folder name I saw in the archive and moved the folder the user requested to the archive again.

Problem now, we see the folders we moved to the archive mailbox under the archive both in outlook and OWA but no mail items inside. When I ran Get-MailboxFolderStatistics I found there is a retention flag "NeedsRescan".


Any ideas?


Thanks, Rahamim

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Keep in mind that moving items between folders is not always a foreground operation, and might take a lot of time to complete (and requires Outlook to be running at that time). Similarly, if mass changes were made from OWA, it might take some time for Outlook to synchronize them. Get-MailboxFolderStatistics will give you the count of items that you can expect to see in said folders, assuming all the move/copy operations have completed. If additional changes are required, I'd suggest you use this script to move items back and forth:
Thanks for the reply. I contacted Microsoft and the issue is deeper than what we first encountered. They are checking the issue and will let me know what will resolve this.
Do let us know what the outcome is, especially if it's anything convoluted :D
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To anyone who faces something similar:

  1. If a user moves a folder from archive to the inbox. The archived folder will be deleted.
  2. When the user tries to return the data, the original folder will not receive the data and all the mails will go to the purge folder.
  3. When restoring the data it will go to the original folder in the inbox and not in the archive.

Hope this explains why moving data is a bad thing...