No shared domain names have been detected within Exchange online or exchange on-premises organizatio

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I have root domain domain1.local with multiple UPN suffuxes (routable), (routable).


All of these domain have users in exchange 2013 with working accounts like and so forth.


I setup all the UPN suffix domains in O365 and verified them.Coming up as healthy.Also Azure AD sync is syncing these users of custom domains and they can login to O365 with the on-prem password.

When i run the HCW on-prem i am getting the subject error.HCW cannot see any of the accepted domains.


Accepted domains are on both on-prem and O365 side.

Has anyone seen this error.Opened a ticket with MS and ive been given the run around.No solution as yet.

Attached is the error.


Please help!!

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Did you find a Solution to your problem ?

Seems to have same...

Thx for answer.