Moderated Emails and Transport Rules

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We have a transport rule that routes our messages to an external provider that stamps signatures on them - Exclaimer Cloud. This works well. We also have a particular internal distribution group that goes to all staff and as a result is moderated by a few senior managers.


If a moderated message to this group is approved it gets delivered to all receipients without running through the necesarry transport rules. As a result the message is not stamped with the required signature.


Is it possible to force a message to run through all of the relevant transport rules once it has been approved by a moderator?


Thanks in advance. 

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Is the signature being applied to other messages destined for internal recipients (ie an internal message sent directly not via a DL)?
Thanks for the response. I worked this out over the weekend. We had been moderating emails to the distribution group by the approval options that are a part of the group settings. I removed moderation via that method and built it in via its own transport rule.

There is a transport rule option to forward messages for approval so I created a rule to do exactly what our previous approval options was doing. I was then able to put the rule in the right order with my other transport rules to make sure the signature was stamped first.

The downside to this is if you have lots of moderated email groups / recipients then you end up with lots of transport rules. Luckily for is it’ll only ever be one or two groups.