Migrate Mailbox 2010 to office 365 while coexistence

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I have scenario, i want to migrate Exchange 2010 to 2016 and setup hybrid at 2016,
is it possible if I do migration from Exc 2010 to 365 directly before mailbox migrate to 2016 ?




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In the article, there is no explanation setup hybrid and move mailbox while exchange server running coexistence.

Hello Ichwanzo,
If you haven't already deployed exchange 2016, it is better to set up hybrid with Exchange 2010 and then migrate your mailboxes to O365. Once you are done you can remove hybrid form Exchange 2010 and install Exchange 2016.
However if you already have Exchange 2016 in your environment and have already setup Hybrid with 2016, you can try to migrate the mailboxes that exists on 2010 to O365 and if you are unable to migrate then you might need to move them to 2016 first.


@ichwanzo Hey, you only asked if it was possible to do it. The article says yes. For detailed instructions I suggest you just do a search for it as I'm certain there are several step-by-step guides out there.

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I suppose that you have already Hybrid Identity with AD Connect.

I advise to add a Hybrid Exchange 2016 to your on-premises, you can install this server in your organization without any risk to your existing Exchange 2010 servers and you can use it to migrate your Exchange 2010 mailboxes to Exchange Online.

After migrating all your mailboxes, you need to keep your Hybrid Exchange Server on-premises till this feature is supported in AD Connect.

The Hybrid Exchange 2016 uses a free license, if you don't hold any mailboxes on it.